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23rd October 2018

Confusion over Amazon’s share of US clothing market

Estimating how Amazon ranks in the US clothing market is tricky - and often leads to real overstatements. With their Q3 results about to be announced, it's worth looking at...

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10th August 2016

China halts decline in US sales

US apparel imports from China - measured in square metres of apparel - grew during the second quarter of 2016 0,9% over the same period in 2015, after widespread misunderstandings...

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9th December 2014

Honduras, India, Vietnam, and Haiti star in US October imports

US apparel imports in October 2014, measured by volume,  grew 6.4% on October 2013: a  decline from their September growth rate of 9.4%, bringing imports for the year to date...

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23rd July 2014

Global garment imports slow in May

Rich country annual apparel import growth fell in May to 1.2% - among the slowest monthly increases since late 2012 - as strong growth in European imports was balanced by...

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22nd June 2014

China apparel imports’ 20% growth in 2013 is worth less than a sixth the value of EU import growth.

The dollar value of China's apparel imports grew 21% in 2013 to $4.2 bn, or slightly more than Saudi Arabia and a lot less than Switzerland. The cash value of...

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20th June 2014

Major retail markets show converging apparel growth

The four major world apparel retail markets showed converging growth rates in the first quarter, with European growth accelerating while Chinese growth in the first quarter fell to a third...

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24th January 2014

Clothing inflation hits all markets in December – but clothes still getting relatively cheaper

For the first time this century, retail apparel prices rose in 2013 in the world's four main apparel markets. But in all four, apparel inflation was lower than for consumer...

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8th January 2014

US apparel imports show 4.8% growth in November

US apparel imports, and China's share of them, continued to grow in November over their November 2012 level. Imports from Bangladesh fell from the previous year, though this may be...

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6th November 2013

Weston family apparel sales now neck and neck with M&S

An extraordinary year at Primark, while like for like sales at M&S fell in the first half, mean apparel sales in businesses controlled by Weston family closed companies now appear...

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10th October 2013

US garment traders still unaffected by government slowdown. For now

After ten days of "slowdown" in US government activities, routine activities in garment trading remain largely unaffected - though worries about a possible default from October 17 are beginning to...

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6th October 2013

US government slowdown disrupts life for garment traders, but effects on sales unclear

The US government slowdown has hit progress on major trade deals - but evidence for damage to garment sales to the US is less clear. On October 3, the US...

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2nd September 2013

US apparel cost changes continue to bely predictions

Though commentators continue to insist that US domestic manufacturing is getting cheaper compared to developing countries, government price indexes keep on showing the opposite. The US government makes five relevant...

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