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Chinese apparel making costs duck national trend as US prices tumble

Though the world’s business press reported in mid-January that Chinese manufacturing costs grew sharply in December 2016, costs for Chinese apparel and textile makers grew far less. In November 2016 – the latest data available – the price per square metre of Chinese apparel arriving in the US was 9.1% lower than a year earlier.

Overall, Chinese factories in December 2016 saw raw material prices – mostly driven by the rising cost of energy – grow 6.3% over December 2015, though over 2016 as a whole they had fallen 2%. As a result, their ex-factory prices grew 5.5% over December 2015, after a year in which prices had fallen 1.4%.

Apparel and textile factories, though, saw raw material costs in December grow 2.5% year on year, after falling 0.3% in 2016 overall. Apparel factories’ prices grew 1% over December 2015 (after a year in which prices grew 0.5%), while textile factories’ prices grew 1.8% after a year in which prices fell 1.8%