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East Asian apparel exports appear to boom in first two months of 2015

Preliminary reports of apparel exports from China and Vietnam appear to show real annual growth in January and February, in spite of fears that US port disruption might have depressed the market.

The US dollar value of all Chinese apparel exports in the two months combined was 17% higher than in January/February 2014, according to topline data released by China Customs on March 8. The dollar value of all Vietnamese apparel exports in the same two months was 17.7% up on 2014, the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (Vitas) was reported as announced on March 7.

With the timing of the Lunar New Year holiday different this  year from 2014, earlier data, showing only January, gave a picture that was certainly misleading. It is still possible that fears about disruption at US ports led to market pressure for delivering finished garments early, and that Jan/Feb export data is “borrowing” production from later in the year – or that, as originally feared, the port disruption has actually reduced buyer demand below what it would otherwise have been.