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Gap Indonesian factory on strike

More than 2,500 Indonesian workers at Katexindo Citra Mandiri have staged a strike in a garment factory that produces famous US designer brands to protest ill-treatment and unpaid overtime fees, said Dita Indah Sari of the National Front for Indonesian Workers Struggle group. Katexindo is an Indonesian-owned garment factory licensed to produce clothing for several famous US designer brands, including Gap, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Sari said the factory had forced the workers, mostly women and members of her labour group, to work for more than eight hours a day. The factory had also 'forcefully' made the workers increase output from 65 items per hour each to 85 while rejecting overtime demands, she alleged. However, an official at Katexindo said that the strike was resolved on May 25 and that production had resumed at the factory, which pays workers a government-regulated minimum wage of 711,000 rupiah ($75) per month. 'They are being used as milking cows. Apart from not getting their rights and having to work longer hours, the factory also denies the workers their standard meal,' Sari said. Sari told Agence France-Presse that her group had complained to Gap's headquarters in the US about the situation but received no response. 'They will not return to work until their demands for their rights are fully met,' Sari said. A Katexindo official who gave her name only as Ellis said 'all personnel had gone back to work.' 'We are fully running and work is already back to normal,' she said