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Governments play for time as US groups demand more quotas

Following weeks of intense diplomatic activity, the US delayed making a decision on an outstanding China Safeguard case, presumably to allow time both for China to float its currency and domestic lobbyists to react.

On July 18, the US Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) announced its postponement to July 31 of its decision about further quotas on category 620 (filament fabrics), and was taking longer to decide on a group of apparel cases filed in May than it had taken on cases earlier in the year. Meanwhile, US textile manufacturers filed four new China safeguard petitions with CITA on July 11 for categories 341/641 (cotton/manmade fibre non-knit shirts); 342/642 (cotton/manmade fibre skirts); 351/651 (cotton/manmade fibre pyjamas and nightwear); and 359S/659S (cotton/manmade fibre swimwear, and re-filed a petition on 369/666 (cotton/manmade fibre curtains).

On July 8, the US Domestic Manufacturing Committee of The Hosiery Association (DMC) announced that it and three other textile organizations have requested an extension of the safeguard quota on imports of certain Chinese socks, due to expire on October 28.