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Greenpeace childrenswear focus tries to shame more brands into Detox campaign

Greenpeace launched a “Little Monsters” fairy tale, detailing hazardous chemicals in children’s clothes, as its latest weapon to shame more brands into signing the Detox Challenge.

A survey, describing 82 children’s textile products bought in 25 countries in early summer 2013, has been turned into a fairy tale picture book. Its moral is that Gap, American Apparel, Disney, Burberry and Primark should sign up to the Detox Challenge, and that Adidas (which has signed, but incurred Greenpeace’s displeasure over what it has done since) should ┬átake Greenpeace criticism on board.

The campaign does not inform readers who actually has signed, and solicits those worried to go on pestering retailers to do what they have already done.