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28th December 2018

Britain’s “Worst retail November in living memory” – wasn’t

UK shops’ sales growth in November was the fourth best in the past 20 years.

The Office of National Statistics reported 5% annual growth on December 20 – a growth rate among the highest on record.

But  over a week after the ONS announcement, even specialist media were still reporting  uncritically the uninformed gossip of a minor sportswear retailer.

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20th November 2018

Primark establishes new record for UK clothes retailing profit

With an opening programme in its last quarter that included its second New York City store, Primark set a new record of £843 millon ($1.14 billion) in profit for a UK clothing retailer.

Primark makes money because it doesn’t sell online – not despite it.

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19th November 2018

US physical retail keeps growing

America’s physical retail stores kept growing in Q3

While e-commerce still hasn’t reached even 10% of US retail sales

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30th October 2018

WWF starts four-country “textile greening” project in Vietnam

Project contributing to water quality improvement and sustainable energy use will run in China, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam.


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29th October 2018

Sam’s Club to trial “no cashier” branch

Walmart’s member’s only Sam’s Club announced on October 28 that a Dallas trial of an upgrade to its “Scan & Go” app, which will investigate cashier-free operations, will start “as early as next week”

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26th October 2018

Major trading nations push for WTO reform

Trade ministers from 13 nations insisted on October 26 that the WTO should  move forward urgently on transparency, dispute settlement and 21st century trade rules.


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26th October 2018

Major clothing businesses back Global Commitment to eradicate plastic waste and pollution at source

Among the 290 organisations behind the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment are H&M, Inditex, M&S, Target and Burberry.

Most have committed to extensive steps towards eliminating plastic by 2025 

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22nd October 2018

122 clothing companies sign commitment to responsible recruitment

Commitment to incorporate recruitment practices into compliance standards throughout their supply chain by the end of 2019

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19th October 2018

EU and Singapore sign cooperation deals

EU hopeful Free Trade Agreement will be implemented by the end of 2019, but other deals may take longer

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18th October 2018

EU-Vietnam trade deal passes latest European hurdle

Deal approved by EU College of Commissioners October 17

But, though approved in principle in December 2015 still needs ratifying by Council of Ministers and EU Parliament.


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17th October 2018

US confirms intent to start trade talks with EU, UK and Japan

The White House announced on October 16 it would start trade talks with the EU, Japan and the UK in 2019.

Talks would begin in 2019. With the EU and Japan, the US would seek “a more balanced trade”: with the UK “cutting edge obligations for emerging sectors “

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17th October 2018

US announces withdrawal from UPU over unfair subsidies to China

The US announced its decision to withdraw from the treaties of the Universal Postal Union on October 17 .

Just months earlier, self-styled experts at a US stockbroker claimed such a decision was impossible

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