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2nd August 2018

B&Q slash “old” people’s discounts

UK home improvements chain B&Q announced the near-abolition of its discounts for older people from September 3

14th July 2018

Ethiopia makes port access a priority in talks with Eritrea

Landlocked Ethiopia wants to make the re-opening of two roads connecting it to two of Eritrea’s Red Sea ports a priority in the two nations’ reconciliation process, said a government spokesperson on July 11

9th July 2018

New foreign clothing and textiles investment collapses in Vietnam

Foreign textile-related investment in Vietnam has fallen this year to “several” new projects from the 129 projects worth $600 mn approved in 2016.

9th July 2018

Philip Green: “life undone by abject greed”

A biography published today of Arcadia owner, Philip Green, describes his life as “ambition undone by abject greed”.

1st July 2018

Brands push Nicaraguan President to “respect rule of law”

Major clothing and textile brands demand from Nicaragua’s President an end to State “repression”

27th June 2018

EU and Vietnam: FTA years from implementation

The text was first agreed three years ago: the deal itself is still subject to many hurdles.

All a very long way from an implemented FTA and won’t be operational this side of 2020