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Can Britain really be serious about Brexit?

The watchword this year is BINO: Brexit in Name Only. I think it’s the best prediction of what awaits Britain after March 2019.

Britain is a Parliamentary democracy, most MPs want to stay in, and that’s more or less what Britain’s going to do. It’s got one of the sharpest Prime Ministers in our history, her internal opponents are probably the stupidest politicians any society’s had since the Roman Emperor Caligula was supposed to have made his horse a consul – and the UK  press perpetually belittling her are so gullible they even believe Caligula DID make his horse a consul. Which no-one else did even when the story was invented.

Actually, Britain might – technically – leave the EU after a transition period so long many of us will be dead. The UK might get rid of a couple of the sillier EU policies, like the CAP. It might even change its passport colour, if someone can decide whether the new one will be black or blue. But it could have done that in the EU anyway.

In 2023, there’ll still be no Customs posts between the UK and France, Britons will have much the same rights to work in the EU as now (and viccy-versy), Britain will still be paying oodles to the EU (though the shock the Brexit vote has given the EU’s masters will probably make it dump of some of its costliest idiocies, like the bilocated parliament or that CAP) and it’ll still be accepting decisions from the European Court of Justice. And discussions won’t even have started on any of those brave new trade deals Liam Fox is always going on about. Except, perhaps, with Chile.

Struggling with that? In 1938, almost everyone in Britain cheered Chamberlain for saving the country from millions of deaths in a war with Germany. Less than a year later, the same people cheered him for declaring that war.

This time it’s different? They said that before the 2008 crash.

I see why Brexiteers are in denial about this. It’s the Remainers that puzzle me. Why do they keep believing anyone would do something so daft?