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Does whingeing ever get you anywhere?

India’s apparel and textile companies today are complaining that there are no more subsidies for them in their country’s annual government budget.

Why should there be? Which other sectors of India’s economy can function only by taking money from the country’s taxpayers? But more importantly, do they not realise that their customers can understand English?

Every whining businessman claiming he can function only by another transfusion from his fellow-citizens is telling the world he can’t do his job. A German or American customer reading his moans (and most buyers I know start their day of with a quick Google on what’s going on in the industry thazt might affect their sourcing) may well take him at his word, and assume he won’t be in business much longer.

Or do these perennial complainers assume everyone else is as short-sighted as they are? If they stuffed the web with stories about new products, processes and customers, everyone thinking of importing or exporting clothes will be beating a path to their door. As it is:

If Indian manufacturers have nothing to tell the rest of us but how fragile they are , one day we’re going to believe them.