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1st February 2018

Can Britain really be serious about Brexit?

The watchword this year is BINO: Brexit in Name Only. I think it's the best prediction of what awaits Britain after March 2019. Britain is a Parliamentary democracy, most MPs...

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20th December 2017

The extraordinary myth about politicians’ trade restrictions

The extraordinary tizzy Brexit and Trump threw commentators into tell us more about commentators than about global politics. But it casts light on the changes the global apparel has been...

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15th November 2017

What Collagin taught me about the fashion industry. And retailing

My new Saturday job's opened my eyes to a huge set of changes in fashion retailing that seem to have passed the apparel industry by. Sharper-eyed readers sometimes ask why...

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22nd May 2017

Britain’s surprisingly hidden boom in apparel exports

When it comes to apparel-making in Britain, there's one thing we all think we know: there isn't very much of it. But Britain's official trade statistics seem to tell a...

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12th May 2017

Are we about to see an assembly-worker free apparel industry?

There’s an awful lot less to two recent, apparently game-changing, announcements about our industry than you’d imagine at first glance. However flaky the assumptions they’re based on, though,  they highlight...

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7th April 2017

The Brexit and Trump kamikaze wings are trying to kill businesses

Brexit and the Trump Revolution are often linked. What really unites them is the extraordinarily uncommercial attitude many of their politicians are taking to what real businesses want. They differ...

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31st March 2017

Post-Brexit customs chaos could choke UK apparel retailers

On 29 March, Britain's Prime Minister signed a letter triggering the two-year process for leaving the European Union (EU). Though the negotiations will cover almost every aspect of British life,...

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8th March 2017

What’s the Chinese for hogwash?

“China must be ready to face [the] growing trend of protectionism” said its Premier Li Keqiang on March 5. Well, he should know. Time after time, whichever political parties have...

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28th February 2017

This isn’t a good time for developing new sourcing strategies

The speed the sourcing environment's changing, you'd think this is a good time for a new strategy. You'd be wrong. No-one knows yet how Britain's options will develop On February...

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27th February 2017

Computer programs and flash PR won’t eliminate wage abuses by themselves

Is the British government's “name and shame” campaign High Street retailers concentrating too much on headline-grabbing mistakes? “Minimum wage abuses will not go unpunished” announced Britain’s Business Minister Margot James...

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17th February 2017

Turkish-Bulgarian border offers UK apparel industry serious warning of life after Brexit

Lengthy queues at  Kapikule, on Turkey’s side of its frontier with Bulgaria offer a depressing lesson for Britain’s Brexit planners. A February 16 paywalled story in the Financial Times describes...

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16th February 2017

Introducing…the Teebie-geebie world

The world sadly lacks a simple word for the immense wave of complications caused by the Trump election, Brexit and all the likely knock-ons from them both. Here's our suggestion....

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