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17th February 2017

Turkish-Bulgarian border offers UK apparel industry serious warning of life after Brexit

Lengthy queues at  Kapikule, on Turkey’s side of its frontier with Bulgaria offer a depressing lesson for Britain’s Brexit planners. A February 16 paywalled story in the Financial Times describes...

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16th February 2017

Introducing…the Teebie-geebie world

The world sadly lacks a simple word for the immense wave of complications caused by the Trump election, Brexit and all the likely knock-ons from them both. Here's our suggestion....

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3rd February 2017

High-minded idealism is confusing buyers as much as the new nationalism

Seemingly endless January trade-related government announcements in the US and UK lacked a single detail businesses could use for planning. So did other government plans just as potentially disruptive to...

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11th January 2017

Has China burst its own trading bubble?

After years of misconceived forecasts it will soon collapse, China’s domination of global apparel exports faces a serious threat – from the Chinese government. Since about 2010, China’s apparel makers...

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4th January 2017

Why did industry forecasters miss 2016’s biggest story?

I think the biggest event of 2016 for our industry was the outright opposition to international trade on which America’s Republican Party campaigned successfully in the Congressional elections. Most people...

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24th December 2016

Great article Tara – but it’s not just millennials clothes shops annoy these days

The problem with modern apparel shops is that, when it comes to annoying their customers, they’re such equal-opportunity pains in the rear. Tara Donaldson wrote a terrific article on Sourcing...

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20th December 2016

The so-far obscure US tax proposal threatening all American apparel importers.

It’s a safe bet that few readers have paid much attention to the idea of “destination-based” profit taxes. They need to start doing so: right now. Till now, an idea...

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6th December 2016

How uncertain are the uncertainties facing apparel sourcing?

I think many of the alleged uncertainties observers forecast for 2017 are badly misconceived. At this time of the year, observers typically start pontificating about the challenges facing businesses in...

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25th November 2016

Can US apparel importers expect sudden price rises – or a trade war?

How seriously should brands and retailers take reports that Trump will slap extra duties on Chinese imports – and China’s almost hysterical response to those reports? I think they create...

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17th November 2016

Trade with China. Triumph of hope over experience?

The British Brexit debate, and the aftermath of Trump's election, are bringing out widely contrasting views of China as a business partner. Some are hopelessly naive. British hope One of...

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17th November 2016

A bad week for Brexit.

Theresa May keeps insisting “Brexit means Brexit”. But no-one in Britain can agree what Brexit means, how long it’ll take to get there or what Britain’s trade policy will be...

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13th November 2016

Trump’s global trade policy: act like a New York garmento

The developed world depends almost entirely on imports from poorer countries for its clothing. The world's biggest apparel importer looks certain to transform its attitude to importing that apparel Since...

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