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8th November 2008

Retail sales: the worst is still to come

US retailers' sales in October got even worse.From the point of view of the industry overall, it wasn't the headline-grabbers, like Gap's 16% fall, that mattered. Gap's sales were down...

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7th November 2008

What’s happened to Hollister?

Is it really that difficult to open a shop? Possibly. Difficult to tell whether it's open? Impossible if you're a hapless British retail journalist."Abercrombie & Fitch fashion brand Hollister finally...

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6th November 2008

What’s Obama going to do about Chinese clothing?

Ten days before the US election, Barack Obama published a letter making what seemed to be very firm commitments on US imports of Chinese clothing and textiles. Can we deduce...

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5th November 2008

Will Obama’s victory help anyone’s garment industry?

Apparently, in parts of India they've been praying for an Obama election victory.But what difference will the Democrats' win really make to garment factories in the developing world?Three crucial things...

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4th November 2008

North Korea: Not quite the sourcing Mecca it’s cracked up to be, but…

Not many professional apparel buyers would regard Pyongyang, North Korea's grim capital, as a model of excellence in apparel or textile manufacturing.But a lot of North Koreans do. In 1961...

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3rd November 2008

Is Saigon the next chapter in the Crash of 2008?

The news that Saigon authorities are investigating another struggling Korean garment factory really shouldn't be surprising.The business press has been carrying stories for weeks about how the problems of the...

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2nd November 2008

Indonesia: the helter-skelter epitomised

Probably nothing sums up so perfectly the chaos of today's world than the last month in the Indonesian footwear industry.After the EU extended anti-dumping duty on Chinese and Vietnamese shoes,...

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1st November 2008

Even in recession, garment making skills are in short supply

Bangladesh's booming garment industry has been hamstrung by a huge skills shortage. And things are to only get worse , said Mohammed Fazlul Haque of the country's textile ministry. In...

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1st November 2008

Product safety in clothing. The lesson no-one’s pointing out

From this side of the Atlantic, many Americans' attitudes to product safety can look weird. Pets get infected by some petfood and everyone blames the Chinese, because that's where the...

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31st October 2008

Is Tack Fat the first of many?

With clothing retail sales throughout the world declining, it's understandable many people are worried about widespread collapses among clothing manufacturers – especially those heavily committed to the US and European...

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24th October 2008

Are sales really the problem?

For all the over-excited headlines, we've not yet seen a catastrophic fall in clothing sales. In the two major economies with the most up to date retail sales data, clothing...

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23rd October 2008

Peru: the model of today’s problem

Peru's Raúl Torres is feeling pretty pleased with himself. Last year his company Diseño y Color was Peru's fifth largest apparel exporter. But, heavily dependent on Gap – and its...

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