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21st October 2008

Will Sri Lankans regret losing GSP+?

Sri Lanka won't cooperate with an EU human rights investigation. This must make it certain to lose its GSP+ duty-free access to Europe. The EU needs to check the country...

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19th October 2008

Mauritius gets the best of both worlds

The US President signed the Bill on October 16 allowing garments to be imported from Mauritius duty-free, wherever its raw materials originate. The Bill brings Mauritius into line with most...

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18th October 2008

Can Colombia ever become a major US supplier?

On October 16, President Bush signed an Act extending the validity of the Andean Trade Promotion Act for Colombia and Peru for another year. But will it do anything to...

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17th October 2008

Uzbek forced labour highlights real problem

There seems clear evidence the Uzbeks are forcing breastfeeding women and the elderly into picking this year's cotton harvest. There's also evidence they're forcing children outside Tashkent into the fields....

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14th October 2008

What’s happening in Iceland?

This is where those "pursuit of excellence" books start looking wimpish It takes a lot more than just running tight shops to do well in today's markets. Timing. Chutzpah. And...

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13th October 2008

When lowering your prices can be fun

We got a phone call yesterday which did more to cheer us up than just about anything that's happened for months.A client moaning about the prices for a project in...

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11th October 2008

Why import monitoring can be good for importers.

Be careful of what you ask for. You might well get it.As we said when Congressman Rangel told US public servants to monitor clothing imports, , the history of import...

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10th October 2008

US Congress blow to protectionists

An apparent US Congress concession to American protectionists may be apparel importers' best news this week.The House of Representatives's demand for import monitoring gives importers the certainty they need –...

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9th October 2008

Is regionalised sourcing really the next big thing?

The argument that globalised sourcing's had its day has recently become popular. Almost as popular as the "everything's going to be made in China" idea was four years ago.Carl Mortishead...

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7th October 2008

Supplying UK retailers gets confusing

This must be a truly terrible time to be a supplier to garment retailers, mustn't it? If you've got UK customers, it really looks that way. Leading insolvency business Begbies...

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6th October 2008

Go East young man?

So Delhi-based Fabindia's looking at investing in UK retailer East? Asian investment in Western retailing is really is flavour of the week: only a few days ago, China's Bosideng announced...

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4th October 2008

How serious is Costa Rica about apparel?

Nicaragua gave its permission for Costa Rica to get another three months to ratify the CAFTA-DR agreement on September 29. Since the US and the other CAFTA signatories (Honduras, El...

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