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3rd October 2008

Is this a Southern Hemisphere April Fool?

Do they do April 1 six months early in the Southern Hemisphere?Every now and again, a story crops up we just don't believe. Someone, somewhere, is confused, lying, being conned...

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2nd October 2008

Wal-Mart move ratchets up accountability debate

Wal-Mart's continuing ban on Uzbek cotton extends retailers' acceptance of responsibility far further than ever before The Uzbek government's September 12 decision to ban children in the cotton harvest was...

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1st October 2008

It’s tough being Uzbek

You really have to feel for Islam Karimov, president of Uzbekistan.In his home, he's not a good choice of enemy. Subjects of his who fall out with him have a...

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1st October 2008

Vietnam: Mid year review

Vietnam's appaerl exports have grown in every category - except casual outerwear

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29th September 2008

Why don’t Iranians pay salaries?

Every few months, we have a story about strikes in Iran over unpaid workers. It happened in September. At Farnakh, we reported on it in 2007 – but missed it...

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28th September 2008

What happened to all those millions of workless Chinese?

We've raised this subject in The Source a few times.The theory used to be that China had an infinite supply of workers, who'd toil round the clock for practically nothing....

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27th September 2008

How’s this for cheek?

On September 25th, America's National Council of Textile Organisations, claiming to represent 23 other groups from Africa and the Americas, told a meeting of the World Trade Organisation that the...

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26th September 2008

Bangladesh deadline passes: no closure

Bangladeshi garment factory owners threatened on September 7 to close their factories in thetrouble-torn Gazipur district for an indefinite period if the government fails to provide security for the industry...

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21st September 2008

Everyone wants a clothes industry

At a time most people think buyers are trying to reduce the number of countries they're buying from, it's amazing how many new countries want to jump in the bandwaggon....

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20th September 2008

More Latin Americans invest in US

Another Brazilian textile mill sets up operations in the US – only a few months after the last one. So what's wrong with Brazil?Well, it's easy to erect a story...

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17th September 2008

Vietnam’s credit crunch makes factories trickier to work in

Strikes in Vietnam have been a problem for some time. There are a lot of them, they tend to flare up with little warning, and they're especially common in the...

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16th September 2008

China’s inflation now lower than America’s

China's consumer inflation tumbled in August below America's. Throughout this year, China has had the lowest consumer inflation rate of any major apparel exporting country – and while inflation in...

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