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15th September 2008

Indian apparel and textile companies in profit collapse

Another survey shows serious moves from profit to loss at most Indian quoted apparel and textile companies. We reported similar findings in another story a month earlier, when the top...

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14th September 2008

Japanese government subsidies for Burmese clothes factories?

In the West, Japan's offer of subsidies to Burmese clothing factories would be shocking.Few Japanese, of course, see things quite the same way. Few see this as support to a...

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13th September 2008

Cambodia typifies the current problem in exporting countries

Cambodia resumed publishing inflation figures in early September, after progressively awful price increases since January made it suppress the information altogether. It's got no better, and the country's government doesn't...

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12th September 2008

The Vietnam credit crunch: hitting factories in every way you can imagine

We recently pointed out some of the complications caused to clothing production in Vietnam by factories' liquidity problems. Liquidity has been troubling Vietnamese manufacturers for a while. And there's been...

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11th September 2008

A tale of two companies: is Youngor really doing better than Weiqiao?

China's largest apparel company's profit goes up: its largest textile spinner and weaver sees its profits slump. Neither company, if we're honest, presents its accounts in a way that makes...

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7th September 2008

Credit crunch hits Western suppliers too

We're used to stories about the problems Western companies face relocating facilities or production abroad: indeed it's what pays our wages at Clothesource.But Dogi's problem seems just the opposite. Back...

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27th August 2008

Albania: still there even if the lights aren’t

Albanian factories' difficulties with erratic power are nothing new. Indeed back in January of this year, it was reportedly a reason many factories in the Korca area were contemplating upping...

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26th August 2008

What do you do when the lights go out?

Albania has become the latest country where erratic power supplies are undermining garment factories' ability to do their job.The problem attracted most attention in South Africa, where it affected the...

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25th August 2008

Why you don’t need to go to the Third World to find sweatshops

The story about alleged sweatshops in New York is shocking. But it really isn't surprising. Every couple of years, London newspapers carry similar scandals about local sweatshops. In Italy, 27%...

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24th August 2008

Bossa: We told you so

We've been carrying stories that Turkish conglomerate Sabanci was trying to sell off Bossa since 2006 And carrying stories of Sabanci's denial since 2007 It even sparked one of our...

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23rd August 2008

Are the Cambodians crying wolf?

Getting hard data about the health of Cambodia’s apparel industry is exceptionally difficult, as both factory owners and unions go from one minute predicting imminent catastrophe to prove that wages...

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22nd August 2008

Customs recruiting spin doctors

"It's politics pure and simple"That's how Laura Jones of the US Textile Importers' Association described a US Customs' decision to reduce China's quota for 2008, because of illegal imports from...

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