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21st August 2008

What’s the use of junk statistics?

Do you believe hundreds of people died in in Bangladeshi garment factory accidents this year?Well the Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (a trade union-funded pressure group) says it...

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18th August 2008

Brands close Indian sourcing offices

Some pessimism emerged about India's future as a sourcing location as Li and Fung's acquisition of Timberland's sourcing operation led to the closure of Timberland's separate Indian sourcing office. This...

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16th August 2008

How permanent are China’s export rebates?

It took China an extraordinarily long time to agree to increase tax rebates on clothing and textile exports.The reason seems to be a serious argument from China's Ministry of Commerce...

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15th August 2008

Can Bangladesh really be that unsafe?

"Accidents in work places, mostly in garment factories, killed at least 953 people in Bangladesh in the six months to June", Reuters reported the Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment...

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27th March 2008

How migration is transforming our business

There used to be a simple theory.Poor countries had lots of people desperate for jobs. Move manufacturing there and they'd be queuing outside the factory before it'd even got built....

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18th March 2008

Chinese exports fall: the great tipping point?

The announcement that China's apparel exports actually fell in value during February 2008 had been expected for some time. In fact, the number of garments the US imported from China...

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17th March 2008

It’s not just the clothes getting globalised

We all think clothing production is about going where there are most workers.It's amazing how often the workers go to where the clothes are. A few stories from the February...

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4th March 2008

Learning from Others’ Mistakes

I’ve probably learned more about our industry from Rachel Louise Snyder’s new book Fugitive Denim (published by WW Norton: 978-0-393-06180-2) than from anything else I’ve read, seen or done in...

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3rd March 2008

Chinese inflation. Will it hurt China more than its customers?

China's apparel industry spokespeople are getting louder and louder about how uncompetitive exports of their country's clothes are getting. Du Yuzhou's been telling the world how much money many Chinese...

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1st March 2008

Bossa’s up for sale – and why that’s good for the world apparel industry

Turkey's Sabanci Holding is “seeking a strategic partner for Bossa. Our search is continuing", said the company's chairwoman Guler Sabanci on February 27.Rumours that Sabanci were about to offload Bossa...

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29th February 2008

Does whingeing ever get you anywhere?

India's apparel and textile companies today are complaining that there are no more subsidies for them in their country's annual government budget.Why should there be? Which other sectors of India's...

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