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Trumps confirms TPP withdrawal – but silent on renegotiating NAFTA or branding China a “currency manipulator”

A November 21 video by Donald Trump seems to be backtracking on trade commitments made just four weeks earlier.

We have now republished Trump’s October 22 plan, and will update it as its elements are confirmed, modified or withdrawn.

In the November 21 video, he reaffirms his intention to announce on his first day in office (January 20) America’s withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), but adds plans not previously announced to negotiate a series of new bilateral deals.

He made no mention, however, in his most recent video of commitments also announced in October to renegotiate NAFTA or to direct his Treasury Secretary to declare China a currency manipulator. ┬áNor did he repeat his October commitment to “identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and…use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately.”

The November video made no mention of the ten Bills he promised in October to bring before Congress and attempt to see pass into law by the end of April – including Bills to penalise businesses offshoring and to direct hiring programmes to be limited to US citizens.

It is not clear whether the long list of October commitments missing from his November announcement comes from of a change of mind or the fact that he has not yet identified the team members responsible for the relevant subject areas.