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UK government still hasn’t produced a lorry drivers’ guide

The UK government has still not produced a guide for foreign lorry drivers needing to drive into Britain – with less than five working weeks to go before Britain is due to leave the EU permanently.

The revelation, by Britain’s haulage industry to a Parliamentary committee on November 11, adds to evidence that Britain’s hapless Prime Minister is privately convinced he will have no alternative to quietly abandoning his bizarre plan to create barriers at British ports. Other recent evidence includes:

  • Britain’s House of Lords rejecting Johnson’s plan to impose trade barriers between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. With no plan to overturn the Lords, there is little Parliamentary time left to overturn the decision – and without it, there will have no barriers between the UK and the EU
  • US President-elect Biden, in his first conversation with Johnson  “reaffirmed his support for the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland”, according to Mr Biden’s team — a subject suppressed by Johnson in his public statement on the call. The GFA is incompatible with a hard border between Britain and any part of Ireland
  • Nigel Farage, the most public advocate of Brexit, admitted in a November 11 article in the fiercely Leaver Daily Telegraph that “Johnson, who already looks beleaguered and who is struggling with unity in his party and plummeting popularity levels, is now far more likely to do the deal that Brussels wants

Johnson no longer has an alternative to betraying his former allies, staying more or less in the EU and finding some excuse to try to save face.