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US apparel imports return to normal growth in first quarter

US apparel imports (measured in square metres of apparel) appeared to soar 20% in March over March 2014 after erratic movements earlier in the year.

US growth March 15For the first three months taken together, though, growth was a more credible 6.1% – twice the level of 2014, and possibly higher than imports will run at later in the year, once the aftermath of the US West Coast port disruptions has passed.

Growth for the 12 months to March (the Moving Annual Total, or MAT, on the graph) was 4.2%.

Country growth Q1 2015Among major suppliers, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and India saw higher year on year growth in Q1 than average, while imports from Cambodia, ¬†Indonesia and Pakistan actually fell. Imports from Africa grew just 1.1%, though imports from America’s Central American neighbours (including Mexico) grew slightly faster than average at 8.1%