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US blacklists garment firms

The United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection has been widely reported to have blacklisted 58 Hong Kong apparel manufacturers in late December on suspicion of faking origin claims. In fact, the US merely changed the list of apparel companies – most now blacklisted for some years – whose exports will be detained for detailed inspection to prove origin claims.

The list now consists of these Hong Kong exporters:
Baishida (HK) Limited, Carnival Garment Limited, Cheong Wo Garment Factory, Comfort Garment Factory, Conway Garments Limited, Denon Garment Factory , Enhance Protective Manufactory, ++Evergrowth Industrial Limited, Finesec Limited, Fook Wo Garment Factory, Fung Ling Garments Factory, Fung Shing Garment Factory, Games Shirt Limited, Genius Garment Factory, Goldfame Garment Limited, Good Hope Garment Limited, Great Progress Limited, Greenstone Garment Factory, Happy Trade Garment Factory Limited, Hillger Limited, Insum Garment Limited, ++Kam Lung Garment Factory, King Soon Limited, King Star Industrial Limited, Linkful Garment Limited, Loyal Garment Factory , LW Garment Limited, Man Fung Company, Milton Manufacture Company, New Yuen Mei Computer Embroidery Factory, Newarts Garments Limited, ++Novartis Garment Factory, O.K. Fashion Knitters Limited, Ocean Property Garment Factory (AKA Uni-Year Enterprise Limited) , Park Lai Garment Factory, Pine America Industrial Limited, ++Power Garment Factory, Pre-Wear Limited, Profit World Industrial Limited, **Prospect Garment Factory, Realine
Garment Limited, Riverstar Shoulder Pad Manufactory, Sharp Garment Company, Sky Garments Limited, Star Garments Factory Limited, Sunny Garment Factory, Sunrise Garment Factory, Takwai Garment Factory Company Limited, Tin Fu Garment Factory, Tri Tak Holdings Limited, Uni-Year Enterprise Limited (trading as Ocean Property Garment Factory) , Union Well Garment Manufacturing Ltd., Unison International Limited, Victoria Bay (Hong Kong) Limited, Weserling Garment Factory, Win Glory Garment Factory, Winwear Apparel Factory, You & I Fashion Design Factory,

Those marked ++ have been blacklisted repeatedly. The list also includes three Macau exporters
(Cheerful Garment Factory, Sai Land Garment Factory, Tung Land Garment Factory) and Botswana
exporter Uni-Oriental (PTY) Ltd