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US penalty list changed

On February 9, US Customs released its latest list of companies convicted, penalized, and/or excluded from entry as a result of illegally transhipping textiles and textile products to the US. CBP has added six factories to the Hong Kong list:

Baishida (HK) Limited, Comfort Garment Factory, Genius Garment Factory, Newarts Garments Limited, Prospect Garment Factory. Victoria Bay (Hong Kong) Limited.

Removed from the Hong Kong list: Asia Garment Factory, Cheung Hing Garment Factory, Dak Wan Garment Factory, E Knit Factory Limited, Flourishing Garment Factory, Gallery Garments Factory Limited, Good Year, Hing Yip Knitters a/k/a Wayloy Investment Limited, Kent Yip Garment Industrial, Man Lee Garment Factory, Mermaid Fashion Manufacturing Company Limited, Perfect Industrial Limited, Reer Garment Manufactory Limited, Riverland Knitwear Factory Limited, Siu Hang Garment Factory, Spring Source Development Limited, Sunshine Garment Factory, Triple Wealth Garment Limited, Wayloy Investment Limited a/k/a Hing Yip Knitters, World Band Limited (trading as World Brands Manufactory), Zanawa Limited.

Removed from the Taiwan list: City Art Printing, Hong Win Trading Company, Hsu Chun Mei, Spring Information Industry Company,
One El Salvador factory was excluded from exporting textiles to the US: Daewoo El Salvador, S.A. de C.V. On February 23, this factory was taken off the list.