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US September imports continue growth trend

US apparel imports in September, measured in square metres of apparel, grew 4.8%, bringing growth in the moving annual total (MAT)  to September to 6.1%. As in most Septembers, China’s share was around 50%.

Imports from China grew more slowly than from most of America’s other ten major suppliers – but still continued to grow in real terms. The average price per square metre of Chinese imports fell 2.8% year on year.

US September 2015

During the month, imports grew fastest from Bangladesh, though imports from Vietnam, Indonesia, India, El Salvador and Pakistan also saw double-digit growth. Imports from Cambodia fell.

US countries Sept 2015Imports from Africa remained lower than in 2014, though imports from Ethiopia grew threefold in September on 2014’s extremely low levels. But, in spite of constantly optimistic announcements, US apparel imports from Ethiopia remain insignificant: around one-twentieth of Kenya’s 0.3% share.

Apparel imports from US neighbours grew just 1% in September, bringing their annual growth for the first three quarters to 1.6%.

Both Africa and US neighbours continue to lose share of the US market.